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  Last Saturday, Eleanor and I drove to North Carolina to be present for Daria's award. Here is a copy of the words in the church bulletin where she received the award. (Mooresville, NC)

"Daria is a Senior at Union-PSCE and has been chosen as the first recipient of the Helen E. Deans Prize for Excellence in Preaching. This prize of $1,000 will be given each year about this time to a senior at Union-PSCE in Charlotte who shows promise in preaching. The gift is made possible by the trust established by the late Helen Deans. Daria is a member of First Presbyterian Church in Belmont and is also working part time at that church since they are currently without an associate pastor. Before entering seminary, Daria was a registered nurse working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Presbyterian Hospital and then a legal nurse consultant. She will graduate in December. Congratulations Daria and good luck in your future ministry."

Much to the surprise of Daria, Eleanor and I: Dena, Doreen, and Ashlyn walked into the church right before the service!! What a blessed Father's Day I had!!! Afterwards we all went to a restaurant for dinner. We returned to Florida on Monday.

The picture below shows one of Daria's professors from Seminary on her right and the current pastor of the church on her left.

Love to all,
Del and Eleanor



An earlier picture of Daria with Family