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From Barbara


the original picture only showed the right half of this picture

Maynard,  This photo is a piece of work.  Piece is the word.  Seems to be half of a larger photograph, and seems to have an insert on the left side, the  man with black in front, as behind Rhoda.  No.  Somthing has been cut out, making it black as he seems to fit the people around him and has the same light on his face.  Mystery: cut out?
I agree on Phyllis.  Maxine.  Rhoda is first, then Mary.  The blonde girl beside Maxine could be Evelyn Metzger.  The girl with arm over face is dressed fancy with ruffles, striped socks, curly hair, barret. This is not Barbara.  I had dark hair by the time I started school in 1937.
The girl beside Phyllis  -- Clarice?
It is good to see Will Schmucker.  Must have been all Metzgers for him to be there.  He worked out west, so the picnic had to do with his presence, I'll bet.  The "Hazel" must be Aunt  Ivy.  Not Hazel.  Our generation did not learn to know the old Metzger line, but they are here.  It was good that it was blown up, if so.  Phyllis has another photo  which raises the question of where are the boys on the day of this one.  I expect it is Maynard, considering Phyllis' age.  How pretty Aunt Margaret is! 
Picnics were held in our back woods. A large table was built and anchored at one end on a large tree.  Benches attached.  Daddy put the pasture fence around that picnic area.  I would expect this was taken there.
Do you suppose they had a professional photographer come, or that a relative had a large camera?  Where is the other half?  See, curiosity grows and grows!  I  love the story of things.  Just what is going on?  I am carried away with the array of printed dresses the ladies  and girls are wearing.  This was home sewing. 
Will's father died young and Elizabeth (mother) married George Metzger.  Will was part of their family. They farmed at Hooversville near Ralph Bassett's farm.  Milt Lohr and son took me to that farm.  I went through the abandonded house. The out buildings were like pictures of the Alps.  Chicken coop, pig pen, Sheds, a Weaving House where Great Grandmother made rag rugs which she sold in Somerset every Saturday. I brought home a shuttle she used.  It was a hillside farm with a Blough School location at the bottom of the lane.  Grandpa Metzger told me that he did not know one English word until he went down the lane to school at age six.  Now, I have seen the lane.
At one of those picnics, Uncle Ted brought a Buick which he wanted Grandma to learn to drive.  I rode with her as might have done other kids.  We went in circles in a hay field.  It was horrible.  She was terrified and screaming all the time.  That was the end of her trying to drive.  Might hae been the day of this particular picnic!
Maybe the photographer simply took half of the group at a time.  People should be looking for that other half.  Does Phyllis have the other half?  Many mysteries.  You can have a lot of fun with it.  I have not been much help, but sure enjoy having a print of you e-mail and will study it more.
Stay warm!  We are mild in the 20s but expect next snow storm to start tonight.  The groundhog saw his shadow this morning which means absolutely nothing.  Six weeks, one way or the other! 
Love,  Barbara