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9/12/2004 From Ken  
Unaccounted for, parents in picture.
Ted M. Family  Floyd (age 8) and Betty (14)
Ted Hunt  John (15)    Evanna died, Lois was 18
Albert Basset all accounted for
Galen Metzger-Ed Metzger (11) and Bradley (1)
Carney fam.-Don (13)   Galen  (14) and  Clarice  (18)
I think the kid with the bat is Floyd which leaves only Betty unaccounted for. To young for Ed Metzger who is nearer my age.
The woman next to Margret Bassett reminds me of Hazel McCreary
I no longer think that Clarice Carney is in the picture (she would be the same age as Lois Hunt-18) and the girl in the in the front row  doesnt look as old as Elma and Lois Hunt.  Betty Metzger, age 14 would be logical but I don't see it.