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2-15-2004 From Norma  
  Hi, Aunt Betty was here today and I was showing her the Metzger clan
pictures on the web. We noticed some mistakes on that last picture. The
girl on the end that you originally thought was Clarice you have Betty
Metzger down. Aunt Betty  isn't sure that it is Clarice but she knows it
isn't her. I had Mom look at the picture too. Both her and A. Betty said
the one standing next to U. Galen is Ben Strayer. Mom also said the one
to the left of Grandma is Purnell Lohr, which is Milt's wife. We all
think you have U. Charlie marked wrong. He is the one over A. Betty's
left shoulder. We're not sure the one marked as Lois looks like her
Oh well, That's all the mistakes for now.         Norma