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3-11-2004 From Maxine  
Hi Maynard, 
We are having the time of our lives connecting to the Metzger genealogy, history, pictures, etc. website.  Thanks a million for sending the link which we never had but find it very enlightning.  You & Ken did a magnificient job of researching and compiling it.  Smart cousins, you are!  This computer is addicting, to say the least.  I have a big favor to ask of you, though.  Would you mind sending us the picture again of the reunion with names, ? marks, etc.?  We bought legal-sized copy paper in order to get the entire picture printed for laminating  Somehow between Sue & I, we lost the picture in the shuffle.  Your extra efforts would be greatly appreciated.  Just finished picking up your "Quotes to Live By."  They are beautiful words of wisdom.  Sometimes, it goes days before we find time to open up our computer.  So, if my replies come assured,  they are appreciated anytime.  I'll be checking for the picture daily because Sue wants to go to VA over the week-end and said she would come down beforehand and show us how to turn it around to lesson for us.  I'm waiting for a telephone call, so will chat with you later.  Tell Dorothy we said, "Hello."  Have a great day.  Think Spring;  it's only 9 days away.  Hoorah!  Can't wait.  Thanks a million for your cooperation.
Tap to you later ~~ Maxine