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2/6/2004 From Barbara  
Wow!  What a spread of material. And a good way for you to panel the picnic photo!  I will add some thoughts about it.
Panel 1  Standing lady at end is Aunt Betty.  Uncle Day behind her, surely.
Sitting boy is Telford on the left. Who is boy?  I doubt if Bradley, Rayford, and that bunch were born yet.
 Panel 2 
Panel 3 Evelyn Metzger beside Mary.
Tall couple still look like Koons
May to right of boy with bat Uncle Albert?
Lady beside Kenny Aunt Zella?
Panel 4 (lost track)  Phyllis is sure.  Melvin was two years younger, so not the baby in Margaret's arms.
Man behind Aunt Ivy looks like a  Strayer.  Oh, that says Strayers are around.  Of course, Grandma's family.
Panel 5  Lady beyond Aunt Ivy looks like Uncle Lester's wife.  Was she living at this time?
Note: Man behind Kenny Link is Milt Lohr.
That's how I am seeing it now.  Barbara