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Here are a few favorites

2009 reunion

Rayford Metzger Christmas 08_1

Rayford Metzger Christmas 08_2

Maynard & Dorothy's 50th 7/12/08

2008 Reunion

Duane with daughter Linda & husband 2008

Pastor David & Gail Ann (Carney)Bowman

Galen Carney 2008 & Aunt Betty

Kevin & Marie

Galen Carney & Ken Link

Cousins 2008 & Aunt Betty

Betty & phyllis

Betty w Jean

Betty w Jean

Cousins 2007 & Aunt Betty

Cousins 2006 version

Gary Simmons'daughter Melissa Moore's Family

Galen Carney & Melissa Moore

Telford, Melissa & Maynard

Aunt Betty & Phyllis

Taking a break

Betty Baker, Duane & Doris Metzger

Kevin Reighard's family

Phyllis, Makine & Jack


Betty (Metzger) Baker

School friends from early 50s

School friends with inserts

Duane & Doris Metzger and Shelma Metzger (bad picture)

Kody & Kraig memories

Metzger cousins 1

Metzger cousins 2

Glenda Rummel

The Hunt girls

Norma's tabel

The Links

Rayford Metzger

Rayford & Shelma Metzger

Gary Simmons'daughter Melissa Moore's girls

Gary Simmons' daughter Maureen & daughter

Gary Simmions' Granddaughter Teri

David Alan Metzger Family

David A. Metzger with building buddy

Margaret (Metzger) Bassett about 1928

Elizabeth (Metzger) Baker about 1925

Betty Baker, Margaret & Albert Bassett

Ken & Barbara Link

George and Elizabeth Metzger

The George Metzger Family

John J. Metzger with gun

Milton and Elizabeth Metzger

Elizabeth's marriage application

Sadie Strayer's application

Elizabeth (Strayer)Metzger Wedding

M. G. Metzger Obituary

Lester and Winford Metzger

Milton Metzger Family

3 Strayer sistors

Jim & Annie Fyock

Erma Fyock

Edward & Alice Metzger

Milton Metzger and Sons

Galen Metzger

Milton Metzger Daughters

A Reunion Picture

2004 Cousins reunion

Baker Family 1973?

Albert and Margaret (Metzger)Bassett

50th - Albert and Margaret(Metzger)Bassett

2003 reunion David Bassett & family

Milton G. Metzgers Kids #1

Milton G. Metzgers Kids #2

Lester and Florence Metzger

Ted and Ivy (Metzger) Family

Zella (Metzger) Link

Zella Metzger

Metzger Reunion 1972

Metzger Reunion 1972b

Zella Metzger Link

Mystery Cousin, Who's George


Galen & Donald Carney

Dora Metzger Carney

Carney & Hunt sisters

Brian & Sarah(Carney)Wagner

Edward Henry Metzger

Elton Metzger

Ivy Metzger Hunt

Reverend Pete and Lizzie Strayer

Milton G. Metzger Farmhouse

Mary Metzger Glick

Edward Metzger Family abt 1908

John & Scott Metzger

Greg Metzger

Albert & Margerat(Metzger)Bassett Reunion 1989

Day & Elizabeth(Metzger)Baker

Elizabeth Baker & Phyllis Link 2001

Elizabeth Baker Making Candy

Elizabeth Baker & Ethel Metzger 1930

Metzger Reunion about Summer 1938

Metzger Reunion about Summer 1938 with text

Metzger Reunion 1/4 from left zoomed

Metzger Reunion 2/4 from left zoomed

Metzger Reunion 3/4 from left zoomed

Metzger Reunion 4/4 from left zoomed

Jr. Church about 1947-48

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Andrew Strayer
A. Margaret Metzger
Annie Fyock
Ben Strayer
Dora Metzger
Elizabeth Metzger
Forrest Strayer
Galen Metzger
Grandma Strayer
Hazel Bassett
Ivy Metzger
John Powel
Julia Strayer Powel
Kathryn Strayer
Kennith Strayer
Leah Strayer
Lester Metzger
Lizzie Strayer
Minnie Bassett
Myrtle Strayer
Norman Strayer
Ora Leidy
Pearl Bassett
Pete Strayer
Rozella Strayer
Russel Harrison
Sadie Ben Strayer
Slyvestor Strayer
Ted Metzger
Velma Bassett
Zella Metzger